Meghan Markle’s top secret journey without Prince Harry

Only for three days, Meghan Markle left her new husband and embarked on a top-secret adventure.

As revealed by the magazine Hello, the Duchess of Sussex packed and flew incognito to Toronto, the city where she lived for several years and where she has remained for 72 hours.

The magazine tells that the trip was organized and carried out in the most absolute secrecy. “The discretion was such that very few were informed of this lightning break to Canada.
Image result for meghan markle torontoAmong those few people who knew of the movements of the Duchess was one of her best friends, Jessica Mulroney, who was precisely the one who acted as a perfect hostess and lodged Meghan Markle in her house, which also resides the husband of the stylist and wedding planner, Ben Mulroney, as well as the three children the couple has in common: Ivy and the twins Brian and John.

Once in Toronto, details Good morning America, Meghan Markle caught up with her friend and played with Jessica’s three children, who “were delighted by Aunt Meg’s visit”.

So he escaped, in absolute silence, resumed his routine.

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