Facebook: what happens if you touch the square icon in the app?

Have you ever noticed that there is a square-shaped icon in the Meta interface? Here we tell you what it is about.

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Find out what options await you in this section of Facebook. Photo: Facebook Gaming

In case you didn’t know before, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, Facebook, has a myriad of tricks and buttons that not all users know or handle. If you are curious enough, you may run into some. However, in this note, we will talk about one in particular. If you usually play video games, you definitely can’t miss it.

There is an icon in the shape of a square that is among the main options of the Meta mobile application that will take you to a very interesting section. To access this, you just have to follow the instructions that we will list in the following lines.

What happens if you press the square button on Facebook?

This square button of the same color as the main Facebook logo is nothing more and nothing less than the video game section of the platform, also known as Facebook Gaming.

It was launched in 2018, but became much more popular between June and September 2021, as indicated by reports from analytics firm Streamlabs. In this period, the section for gamers managed to surpass YouTube Gaming in hours seen, and position itself as second place below Twitch.

In Facebook Gaming, you can set up your own channel to stream with the diverse selection of video games offered by the platform. Companies like Ubisoft have teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg’s company to enable their most popular titles, such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.

How to access Facebook Gaming?

  • First, locate the blue square icon. Usually, it is positioned among the main options of the platform
  • Once you have clicked, you will see a series of interesting options such as: For you, Play, Video, and Communities
  • You can choose between them according to what catches your attention the most. For example, in ‘For you’, you can get recommendations for the most popular live broadcasts or those that align with your tastes.
  • In ‘Play’ you will access the ‘gameplays’ to which you are subscribed and those that your friends consume.
  • In ‘Video’ you can see the videos of those ‘gameplays’ that are no longer live, but were stored
  • Finally, in ‘Communities’ video game groups will be enabled so that you can join and connect with other people with similar interests.


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