Facebook: so you can prevent videos from playing automatically

Learn the steps to disable automatic playback of content posted on Facebook from your smartphone or computer.

Autoplay can cause a significant increase in data plan consumption. Photo: Blackzheep

By default, when browsing the Facebook news feed, all posted videos are played automatically. Although the sound is not activated, this can represent a nuisance for many users, especially due to the impact it has on Internet consumption.

Fortunately, the way to deactivate this option is quite simple, both in the web version and in the application for mobile devices. Next, we explain all the steps you must follow depending on the medium you use.

How to disable autoplay of videos on Facebook?

From computers:

  1. Open the Facebook page from a computer or laptop
  2. Displays the main menu (▼ icon) located in the upper right part of the screen
  3. Enter the settings and privacy section and click on settings
  4. Scroll through the left column panel and access the videos tab
  5. Go to autoplay videos and select the off option.

From smartphones:

  1. Access the Facebook application from an iOS or Android device
  2. Tap the three-line icon  located in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Scroll down to the settings and privacy section and click settings
  4. Go to the autoplay section and choose one of the following options: with cellular data and Wi-Fi connections, only with Wi-Fi connections or never play videos automatically.


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