Facebook Messenger: what is the application’s hidden message tray?

Did you know that Facebook Messenger has a hidden folder? Here we tell you how you can access it and what is in it.

The secret Facebook folder is on both Android and iOS. Photo: Genbeta

The messaging application Facebook Messenger has little to envy other apps such as WhatsApp, even some users consider it to be better. But at this point, it will surely not surprise you to learn that this platform has a secret option that is somewhat unknown to a good number of users. Which? Here we tell you.

It is a hidden tray for Facebook Messenger messages. Although it is not too hidden, users do not receive any notification about it and these chats remain forgotten. This secret folder can be found in both the Android and iOS versions of the application.

In this section of Facebook Messenger, some messages from unknown contacts that you have received at some point, even years ago, are stored. So to speak, it’s like a kind of spam folder.

In general, in order to safeguard the privacy of its users, Facebook usually sends messages to this secret site that come from some people who are not on your contact list, or those related to advertisements and advertising.

How to access the hidden folder of Facebook Messenger?

To access the hidden tray of Facebook Messenger messages, you can do it both from the web version and on the mobile. Follow the next steps:

From the web version

  • To begin, we access the website and register with our username and password.
  • The next step is to go to the Messages. They are represented by the Messenger icon itself at the top right of the Facebook wall.
  • Click and our list of active chats will be displayed.
  • Then, we go to Request messages
  • When we click we will find several chats that Facebook has hidden.

From the mobile version

  • Open the Facebook Messenger application from your phone and you will find yourself again with all your chats and conversations.
  • Now we have to access the Settings button, which is the icon with our profile photo located at the top left.
  • There will be different options available to configure our account.
  • Click on the Message requests option
  • With this, you will already have access, in the same way as the website, to the hidden tray of Facebook Messenger messages.

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