CES 2022: they present technological mask with microphone included

The Razer Zephyr Pro was showcased at the most important technology fair in the world.

Razer 1
Introducing the new Razer Zephyr Pro. Photo: infobae

Masks have been a widely used accessory in recent years, due to the pandemic and infections caused by COVID-19.

That is why at the new edition of the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the most important technological event of the year, Razer presented a new line of face masks with a futuristic design and a voice amplification system.

It is the Zephyr Pro, which evolved from its previous model, Zephyr, presented last year with an equally innovative design but without as many elements as the current one.

Razer 2
Design Of The Technological Mask. Photo: Infobae

Like the original, this one also features a replaceable N95 mask on each side to maintain as much protection as possible. Additionally, when users want to do physical activities, they can select two different adjustable air modes in their filtration chambers.

Razer highlighted in its design the customizable RGB lights so that the user can change to the color that pleases them the most, as well as silicone rubber bands to suit the face.

Another additional detail is the transparent plastic cover so that other people can visualize the expressions of whoever uses it because inside there is also lighting.

This model includes a voice amplification system, which integrates a microphone and two speakers located at the bottom.

The button on the side of the gadget is pressed to amplify the voice up to 60 decibels, a measure similar to a high-pitched voice without a mask.

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