Facebook Messenger Seems to be added new features to lure more users it launches new functions that you can now use in your chats

The Facebook messaging app turns 10 years old and is updated with new tools for iPhone and Android devices.

Facebook celebrates the 10th anniversary of Messenger with new features that you can now use in the app. Photo: Facebook

Facebook Messenger is celebrating its anniversary. The standalone social media app just added five new features that you need to know about. One of them, for example, will allow you to add animations to words from your iPhone or Android.

From Facebook, they point out that these options are focused on making users feel closer to their friends and family. Due to this, it introduced the effects of words in Messenger, similar to the animations that can be used in the comments of the platform, among others that we will detail below.

The new functions that Facebook Messenger receives

As Andro4all explains, although all the tools have already been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company, only some of them can be used from today in the messaging app. Which are? We will tell you.

Poll games

Have fun with your friends and family. The firm launched the option of surveys in Messenger chats. This tool will allow users to create games like Most likely in group conversations.

Messenger 1
Facebook Messenger

Birthday themes

The messaging service of the social network received new birthday themes and a pack of stickers to celebrate its tenth anniversary with users from the application.

On the other hand, an augmented reality effect for birthday was also added, a birthday song through Soundmoji and new effects for messages.

Messenger 3

Share contacts

Another tool that has attracted attention is that of sharing contacts. Although this Facebook option has been in Messenger for some time, the company has improved it by making it even easier. It will only be enough to enter the chat settings panel, touch on share contact, and that’s it.

The effects of words

Last but not least, Internet users will be able to insert a personalized effect to specific words in their chats. In such a way that when you send them, the chosen animation will be played so that the other members of the conversation can see it on their screens.

Messenger Last
Facebook Messenger

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