Do not waste time! Two Apple vulnerabilities could affect your iPhone or iPad

The new update would fix these terrible problems.

iphone 410324 1280 1
iphone 410324 1280 1

UNITED STATES.- Apple has announced that its new update is extremely important. Through it you can solve a series of critical bugs that could leave your iPhone or iPad vulnerable . In this way, it was notified that it is necessary to return to the Settings application in order to download and install iOS 14.5.1 and take care of your device.

In this sense, it has been detailed that it is very important not to doubt or miss this update. Therefore, it has been invited to install it immediately, as it is not a minor thing. Although many people have automatic updates activated, many people wait until they can be at home calmly to see what the new versions of iOS offer. Despite this, he insists on doing it expressly.

Apple’s notes point out that iOS 14.5.1 fixes two problems with WebKit. This could allow a hacker to remotely execute code on your device. This would happen if you visit a website that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in order to attack. Even the company itself has been extremely direct in this regard during its explanation.

Source: Screenshot: David Murphy / Lifechaker.
“Fixed a memory corruption problem by improving state management” and “Fixed an integer overflow with improved input validation,” it says when installing iOS 14.5.1. This update has a weight of 100 MB and takes approximately five minutes, although the time may vary depending on the devices.

When you have downloaded and processed, you must press “Install now” so that you can install the update. Remember that your iPhone or iPad will restart by itself and in no more than 10 minutes it will be working optimally. Of course, with greater security in terms of vulnerabilities, so do not let time pass and follow these steps so that you can navigate with greater peace of mind.

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