Did you know that you can write backwards on WhatsApp?

Did you know that you can write backwards on WhatsApp
Did you know that you can write backwards on WhatsApp

WhatsApp every time has new functions that makes the users of this platform happy. And now there is a new novelty, in this article we tell you everything.

Most people use WhatsApp. Is that this app has become one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, this is thanks for its diversity of functions and tools.

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The ease with which the user can communicate with their friends and family has added to make it the most popular. It is very easy to entertain in a conversation on WhatsApp.

In this last year, the platform included in its functions the emojis, GIF, the sending of photos, audios and videos. But that’s not all, since you can also write in bold and italic, as well as place small stories, as in Instagram.

Now, did you know that on WhatsApp you can write backwards? Yes, this is how you read it. Although this is not easy, there is a trick to make it easier and your friends to be surprised.

It is true that WhatsApp has within its functions a tool for you to write upside down, but there is an application that is in the Google Play Store that will help you perform this action.


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How do you manage to download it?

Too easy. Just enter the search engine of the Play Store and write down: “Upside down” and the application will appear, which is free. Once the downloads will allow you to turn over your text.

Anyone who downloads and writes within this platform, can see your text upside down automatically.

To show it to your friends, you only have to copy it and paste it into the WhatsApp conversation.

What do you think?

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