6 advantages of using Whatsapp as a marketing tool

WhatsApp Shares User Data with Facebook2
WhatsApp Shares User Data with Facebook2

Digital marketing is diversified every time it finds a way to use a new tool for its strategies; although Whatsapp has already been in the market for 8 years, it is now being implemented precisely within the companies’ marketing plans.

This platform has been able to adopt new modalities that serve a lot for companies, especially small and medium enterprises that can have, thanks to it, a greater reach within the market where they perform.

Bearing in mind that more and more SMEs are looking for new ways, less expensive but just as effective as traditional ones, to launch their marketing strategies; in this article we tell you the most notable advantages of using Whatsapp as a tool to achieve your business goals. Dare to include this digital platform within your action plans so your business can benefit from all its pros.

If you are a new entrepreneur and you are in the process of elaborating the marketing strategies that you are going to use, we recommend that you apply all the steps of the successful marketing plan of Gananci; once you do, do not forget to include Whatsapp’s involvement in it and start enjoying all its benefits.

1. Direct communication with consumers:

Those who value a good marketing strategy know that customer loyalty is fundamental to achieving the success of a company. Whatsapp can help you in that step, being a messaging tool designed mainly for one-on-one contact, you can give the necessary attention to your customers to get them to become actively involved with your company.

2. Promotions and advertising at low cost:

As a platform with features of social network, Whatsapp can be used without problems for disclosure of promotions and advertisements, and all that at a low cost. By having the ease of contact, it reaches many customers at once, through groups or direct messaging. You can publicize the special offers of your products or services to encourage consumption.

3. Surveys or market research:

Whatsapp is the perfect platform to receive real-time feedback from your customers about your products or services. That quality makes this tool a perfect platform for conducting surveys or market studies that help you establish better advertising strategies or improve certain qualities of what you offer.

As a dynamic platform, WhatsApp is also ideal for encouraging discussions among consumers to get a brainstorming free of charge that allows your business to have more efficiency and productivity. If you know how to use those options provided by this tool, you will be able to better secure your products or services within the minds of your current and potential customers.

4. Collaboration between teams:

Another of the advantages that Whatsapp has for your company is that it is not totally involved with your customers, but rather with those people who make possible the success of your digital marketing strategies. Through the famous Whatsapp groups you can improve the productivity of the other members of your team by discussing new plans or collaborations to achieve the goals of the company.

5. Share multimedia content:

It should be noted that the implementation of promotion via SMS is a tactic that has been around for some time, the new thing that Whatsapp brings is that it can share multimedia content. By creating excellent audiovisual campaigns you can spread them through your different contacts so that they can see what you created; it makes content creative and emotive to appeal to the emotions of consumers.

6. Access to Whatsapp stories:

This digital tool has not been left behind in the new fashion of sharing “Stories”, which have used social networks like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. As an interactive and interesting modality it is important that you use it to help create expectations about your business and the promotions you can offer; do not stop using it

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