Did you know that WhatsApp has a hidden menu?

This menu allows you to access a variety of options that will allow you to perform actions more quickly and effectively. Surprise your friends with this trick.

In WhatsApp some tools go unnoticed by their users
In WhatsApp some tools go unnoticed by their users

It doesn’t matter if you have a phone with an Android operating system or one with iOSWhatsApp has a secret menu with a selection of options that you can perform when you need a quick and easy route to access the app. If you thought that you could only enter and modify the settings of the instant messaging application by entering the “settings” panel, then you are wrong.

The truth is that this menu has not been hidden by the WhatsApp team, it was right under our noses! What happened is that very few users explored the application long enough to realize that it had this panel completely different from what is seen within the app. If you want to find out what it is, keep reading.

How can you access this strange WhatsApp menu?

The main thing you should know to access this menu is that you can activate it simply by pressing the application icon in the applications folder of your cell phone. You just have to keep the WhatsApp logo pressed for more than three seconds and a list of options will be displayed.

However, not all users who try this shortcut will see the same results. For example, in the case of Android , when you carry out the actions that we list in the previous lines, what will happen is that two options will open: camera and most recent chats. That is, the actions that you can take is to use the camera automatically without having to enter WhatsApp, or enter the chats of the contacts with whom you chatted in the last minutes.

On the other hand, if you have a device with the iOS system, that is, an iPhone, the options will be different. When you keep the WhatsApp icon pressed for a few seconds, what you will activate will be the access to the QR code, the camera, the creation of a new chat and, even, you will be able to enter the search tool for a specific word or document in one of your chats.

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