Apple Releases iOS 15 Update That Resolves Touch Screen Issues

The patch also solves the impediments that the devices had to unlock the screen with the Apple Watch.

Ios 15
Various issues present due to the iOS 15 update were resolved. Photo: DPL News

Were you worried that your iPhone is not working properly? Days ago, thousands of users reported having problems with the touch screen of their Apple devices after the update of the operating system to iOS 15 was implemented. Customers couldn’t access their apps, and smartphones didn’t seem to recognize keystrokes.

However, recently, Apple released a patch with the new version of iOS 15, now called iOS 15.0.1, which includes a solution to the aforementioned difficulties, as well as the impossibility of entering iPhones with face identification. of the Apple Watch. The update also brought new security measures and fine-tuned numerous details.

Ios 15 Preview
Apple Releases Ios 15 Update That Resolves Touch Screen Issues

This is due to the fact that users of mobile phones with iOS systems encountered numerous impediments to navigate their applications shortly after activating iOS 15. According to the complaints gathered on social networks, it was difficult to open the apps and the screen had to be pressed several times before the cell phone carried out the order.

Another of the errors that were a great barrier for Apple customers had to do with the Apple Watch. The iOS 15.0 caused a message ‘had not been able to establish communication’ jump on the screen every which tried to unlock the iPhone 13 with the mask. The only way to cope was by entering the unlock code manually.

Also, a problem in the Settings program showed an incorrect alert that the iPhone storage was full. These difficulties were resolved with the most recent update, the same one that is compatible with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. If it hasn’t reached your device yet, just follow this path: Settings> General> Software update.

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