Apple Card: details of the new Apple credit card that has no expiration

Apple has just made official in the Apple Keynote 2019 its new credit card that looks minimalist and is made exclusively for its users.

Apple Card Details Of The New Apple Credit Card That Has No Expiration

The Apple Keynote 2019, an event that was held in California, United States, by the apple company, left many surprises in the users. One of the innovations that brought was the Apple Card, a new credit card that amazed everyone for its appearance and durability. But what good is the recent delivery of Apple? Know all the details.

The new streaming service Apple TV Channels may be paid with the new credit card from Apple. The recent delivery of the company of Steve Jobs made an alliance with the banks Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard for The company of Steve Jobs has officially joined the e-commerce with the Apple Card and intends to eliminate with its new credit card tedious financial transactions between iPhone users and sellers.

The exciting thing about the Apple Card is that it will have two presentations, physical and virtual. And, there will be no penalties or contracts and much less will charge annual fees. The credit card is made of titanium, a material resistant to corrosion; it will also have a chip so that the company’s devices, such as the iPhone, can detect it using scanner recognition.

Face ID and Touch ID
The functions of Apple, Face ID and Touch ID, on iPhone devices, can recognize the name, chip and logo of the company to perform economic transactions. Also, the Apple Card will also work with facial and fingerprint recognition to guarantee and verify user identity.

In the Apple Keynote 2019, announced that neither Apple nor Goldman Sachs could access information on purchases made by users with the card because the data will be stored directly on the iPhone. Also, each transaction will be unique because the CVV security code of the card will change to a different one for protection.

Earn money online with the Apple Card
The card is activated in a few minutes and ready. All the establishments that of Apple Pay, for the moment the functional one in the United States, will accept the Apple Card and for each transaction, the financial information will be updated instantly.

Users who use the new Apple credit card through the iPhone can redeem points, which will serve as virtual money that will be stored in your official account and you can use it to buy online.

As revealed in Keynote 2019, Apple will return 2% of what you pay with Apple Pay, and 3% if you buy products from the company.


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