Amazon jumps on the smartglass bandwagon with the Echo Frames

Amazon has introduced the Echo Frames, its smart glasses with Alexa. It is an experimental product that will be available in limited units.


Amazon is the next company to enter the smart glasses market with the Echo Frames. At first glance, its design looks identical to any common lens proposal, however, its main novelty is that it integrates support for Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant. And it is that the frames have microphones to listen to the orders of the bearer.

How will you hear responses from Alexa?

The company ensures that the glasses themselves will bring the sound to your ears, however, at the moment they have not explained how this function will work. Bose, the firm that will collaborate with Amazon on the noise-canceling Echo Buds headphones, uses tiny speaker technology to transmit sound in the Bose Frames. Echo Frames may follow a similar path.

Those led by Jeff Bezos know that there could be privacy concerns, so the Echo Frames will offer a way to turn off the microphones completely. The glasses weigh just 31 grams, as the goal was to make them as light as possible to avoid being uncomfortable. The price of the Echo Frames will be $180.

Another of the announcements is the Echo Loop, a curious titanium ring. It offers notifications and support for Alexa when pressed since it integrates a small microphone and a speaker inside. In addition, it incorporates a haptic vibration motor to make the interaction more friendly. It will be available for $130.

It is important to make it clear that both products are part of the “Day One” line, so they will be available in limited units in order to obtain feedback from buyers. If users are satisfied with the devices, they will start their mass production, otherwise, it will be necessary to go through another phase of improvements.

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