According to a source, Apple’s upcoming Macbooks will have a resolution close to 4K.

Apples new MacBook Pro line could be announced between October and November
Apples new MacBook Pro line could be announced between October and November

doesn’t stop with its primary notebook line when it comes to innovation. Since the company made the big switch to the ARM architecture, there have been a lot of advancements in both hardware and software. According to a recent report on what may be included in the upcoming macOS Monterey, the MacBook Pro could now achieve a resolution that is very near to 4K.

Apple’s MacBook Pro series could get a significantly more powerful version in the near future, according to the typical MacRumors portal. The Mini LED screen will be the most innovative, with compatibility for ProMotion (a high refresh rate technology) and several connecting ports that have been abandoned in the past.

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The next unveiling of the new MacBook lines is likely to take place between October and November of this year, amid a sea of rumours buzzing the Apple community. The latest macOS Monterey beta, according to MacRumors, has some hints.

Cupertino’s seventh test version of the OS has “references” to a screen with a “Retina of 3,024 1,964 pixels” and another with a “Retina of 3,456 2,234 pixels.” Because none of the current or previous generation Macs have such resolutions, many speculate that they could be related to the upcoming notebooks.

It is expected that the upcoming Apple laptops will be based on M1X processors. One would be 14 inches long and the other would be 16 inches long. There are currently 13 and 16-inch devices available, although neither has a native resolution equivalent to MacRumors’. Furthermore, the existing lines have a maximum pixel density of 226 pixels, whereas the new results (if confirmed) would boost this to 250 pixels.

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This alternative arrangement would also give users a larger raw screen, which would be beneficial for people who want scaling choices. Of course, the Mini LED standard is expected to be maintained, and the refresh rate may even be increased.

Other speculations claim that the Touch Bar will be phased out and that the MagSafe connector will be reintroduced to replace the charger with a USB type C jack. For the time being, all we can do is wait to see what Apple has to say about the new M1X chip. According to Apple’s estimates, the upcoming MacBook range will sell between 600,000 and 800,000 units.


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