A Xiaomi executive shows how the Xiaomi 12 series cameras’ Cyber Focus technology works.

Xiaomis 12

Xiaomi’s 12 series sold about 283 million USD in its first five minutes on the market in China. Apart from sporting industry-leading technologies like as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 120W next-generation charging, the Xiaomi 12 series is also renowned for its industry-leading photography. Xiaomi recently disclosed that the Xiaomi 12 series would use sophisticated focusing technology from the Xiaomi CyberDog.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President Zeng Xuezhong posted on Weibo the tale behind the company’s “CyberFocus” sophisticated focusing technology being integrated into the Xiaomi CyberDog.

“Xiaomi conducted a study of its users, and the most common camera complaint was that the cameras were unable to focus correctly on the target despite repeated attempts,” Zeng explained.

“From rainbows to sunsets, to mothers’ precious firstborns dancing in front of the camera, these sights are difficult to capture and focus on. As a result, we at Xiaomi decided to include CyberDog’s ‘owner tracking technology,’ termed CyberFocus, into our Xiaomi 12 flagship cameras,” he said.

With this next-generation advanced autofocus technology, the autofocus algorithms can now discern the subject’s shape with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s a human, an animal, or a piece of landscape, you no longer have to worry about the subject being out of focus.

The algorithm’s fundamental difference from standard autofocus technology is in its simplicity. Whereas traditional autofocus struggles to concentrate on an item such as a cat because it can only focus on the cat’s ear due to its limited artificial intelligence, the Xiaomi 12’s CyberFocus technology understands that the topic is not only the cat’s ears, but the entire subject. Additionally, with the aid of AI backdrop recognition, it is capable of correctly identifying the various sections of the cat. Even if the cat is out of the frame and then returns, the cat’s data has already been recorded, and the cat will automatically come back into focus since it now identifies the full item.

Xiaomi Photography engineers tried several tough conditions behind the scenes, like catching someone aggressively moving their heads and tracking the focus of a spinning jump rope. However, they discovered that the Xiaomi 12 camera’s sophisticated focusing software excelled when they captured the company’s two pet dogs, Peach and Fortune, racing about the Xiaomi offices. To demonstrate that autofocus works on animals and to evaluate the algorithm’s stability, they tested the cameras on dogs. Here are the camera samples they obtained.

Xiaomi 12 photographs of its pet canines

The photographs were clear and sharp, and the animals were in focus as depicted, despite the fact that dogs are notorious for their inability to stay put for an extended amount of time.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new Xiaomi 12 series, both the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro are now available for $699 and $899, respectively, on Giztop.

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