5 quick and easy steps to hide your name on WhatsApp

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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whatsapp 4 e1645944309857

Privacy is one of the most important things that human beings have and speaking of technology, the concept is even more valuable. Cyberattacks and the speed with which information travels these days where with the push of a button you can obtain all the digital information of a person or company.

If we have personal data insight, our security in cyberspace can be compromised, so it is very useful to know how we can prevent data such as our name from being hidden from other users, for example, with the most popular instant messaging app of the world, Whatsapp.

The steps to activate the WhatsApp function to hide the username are as follows:

Type in google Unicode U+2800

  1. Click on the first result.
  2. Copy white space.
  3. Paste that space in the ‘Edit’ space of your WhatsApp username.
  4. Hit ‘Save’.
  5. This way your name will be hidden from everyone and only your phone number will be visible when starting a conversation.

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