Unfortunately, there is a category of people who do not know how to build normal relationships. They cannot, they do not want – there may be many more reasons. The result is the same: at the exit, one partner literally turns into an energy vampire. The most real Cerberus, who completely suppresses, limits his soul mate in everything. Here we are no longer talking about any feelings – rather, it is a matter of dependence. How do you recognize toxic relationships? There are several basic signs.

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Constant criticism. You get only negative emotions from communicating with your partner. You are constantly teased, talked with sarcasm, reproaches, humiliate your dignity. It looks like it all looks like a joke, but the cats scratch their souls.

Envy. The partner is not at all happy about your success and is trying to find negative in everything.

Control. Your partner tries to control all aspects of your life – down to where and with whom you go, and how much time you can spend there.

Disrespect for your feelings. The person constantly downplays your emotions. This is expressed in such familiar phrases as “”you wind everything up””, “”so what’s wrong with that””, “”that you are soaring over trifles””, etc.

Ignoring your needs. The partner thinks only of himself, completely forgetting about what you want.

Total jealousy. You are literally jealous of every pillar. This moment echoes item 3 of the list – you cannot communicate with anyone, you cannot go anywhere, you should spend all your free time with your toxic soul mate.

Physical or mental abuse. There is even nothing to say here – if you are afraid of your partner, you need to leave.

Blackmail. You are constantly threatened with deprivation of something, including the emotional component. This clearly suggests that the desires of a toxic person come first.

Constant reproaches. You are constantly told what and where you are doing wrong. What can I say – you always do everything wrong!

Scandals. A toxic person clings to any, even the slightest reason to make a scandal of a universal scale.

Moreover, both men and women can be toxic in relationships. And such an alliance must be broken – it is impossible to revive it. Yes, it can be difficult, but there is simply no other way out of the situation.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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