Sex in stockings? These are the benefits

One study found that having sex with your socks on can make the experience more enjoyable. 

Sex in stockings These are the benefits
Sex in stockings These are the benefits

According to a study published by the University of Groningen (Netherlands), wearing stockings to sleep is good for your health. In addition to this, the document reveals that these garments can lead to better sexual relations .

Warm feet cause blood vessels to dilate, so the brain receives the signal that it is time to sleep. Therefore, there is a relationship between this dilation and how quickly you fall asleep.

Sleeping in socks not only helps you sleep better, it can also help improve your sex life. The research found that when people had sex in stockings ,80% of couples reached orgasm. On the contrary, when maintaining relationships without these garments, only 50% of the participants managed to reach the climax.

Dr. Gerst Holstege, who led the study, made the discovery by chance while trying to see what happens in our brains when we reach orgasm . The scientist used a positron emission scanner to analyze the brains of 13 women and 11 men when they climaxed in real time.

Another conclusion reached by Holstege is that the brain regions linked to fear and alertness were found to “turn off” when people experience an orgasm .

The reason this common garment generates this effect lies in the warmth and comfort that stockings provide during sex. However, the clothes that are worn during intercourse can add to eroticism, a fundamental part of sexual relations .

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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