Do you doubt that it is love? 7 signs to know if you are in love with your partner

Do you doubt that it is love
Do you doubt that it is love

“It’s not you, it’s me”, is one of the most popular phrases when ending a relationship. But what happens before by the head of a person to get to make this decision? Love is a matter of struggling with the beloved against the adversities of life, and in that way people or problems are presented that must be avoided. But what happens when you give too much love in the relationship and he / she does not? How do you really know when to end the relationship? Is love also a fight against itself? Here we will give you some guidelines to recognize if you are really in love with your partner:

1. You are ashamed of your partner as a couple in public

It often happens that you feel embarrassed by what your partner does or says when they go out together to an event or a meeting, and even by their way of dressing. If there really is love, you’ll find it more fun than funny.

2. You have to convince yourself that you like that person

An attraction is not the same as falling in love. Anyone in this situation always tries to convince himself that it is really love using different means with the hope that it will be true. Recommendation: love is not forced.

3. Do you find that habits that were once cute are now annoying?

This is a sign that sometime if you were in love with your partner, however, it may be that no longer. You changed and you do not love it as before.

4. You are afraid of being alone

Loneliness is usually your worst enemy. People live in denial and affirm that they are in love, when in truth they are not. Their biggest fear is to end alone and that is why they use any ruse to have someone special next to them, even pretend to be in love.

5. You live in a fantasy world and are constantly looking for second options

“The eyes have been made to look” is his main excuse. It is good to look or fantasize, but only for a short time. But if you do it in excess then you are not really in love.

6. Do you think about your partner often?

It is one of the clearest symptoms to know if you are in love or not. As the relationship progresses, you will notice if you keep thinking about him / her as in the beginning. It is always good to compare the before and the after.

7. You think it’s all about you

This is aimed at narcissists and selfish people, for whom it is difficult to love someone other than themselves. A person absorbed in herself is not really in love.

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