Where is the ex-vedette and rumbera Rosa Carmina and how is her life going?

rosa main
rosa main

Mexico – Rosa Carmina Riverón Jiménez, artistically known as Rosa Carmina, marked the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema with her artistic work since she managed to stand out on the big screen and also on television as a dancer, singer, and star.

Although she was born in Cuba, Rosa Carmina lived in Mexico since her childhood and with her beauty, she took over the cinema, she is also considered one of the main figures of the so-called Rumberas Cinema of the 40s and 50s.

This great figure that we are currently referring to is already retired from the stage, she is 91 years old and according to information in her biography, she lives in Barcelona, Spain, where she is accompanied by some relatives and enjoys them.

Rosa Carmina owes her artistic discovery to the filmmaker Juan Orol, in 1946, who years later would become her husband, and she made her debut that year in the Mexican Cinema in the film Una mujer de Oriente, achieving fame and popularity.

For several years she filmed several films alongside Orol, including Gángsters contra charros, and later she worked with the cinematographer Alberto Gout in productions such as Traicionera, En carne viva, and Noches de perición, in the 1950s.

Rosa Carmina became a Mexican national and became a pioneer of cabaret shows, where the rumba moved to the most exclusive venues of night-time Mexico.

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Rosa Carmina In Her Youth And Success As A Rumbera. Internet Photo

In her glory years, everyone wanted to see her, meet her in person, enjoy her dancing and movies, since she was the sensation everywhere.

Her latest forays into the big screen include Pantaleón y las visitaras, Rastro de muerte and Teatro Follies, in the seventies, where she alternated with other figures of the same time such as Pedro Armendáriz Jr., María Victoria and Yolanda Montes “Tongolele” .

Rosa Carmina has also left an important mark on soap operas and took part in several such as Isabela’s passion, Juana Iris, Simply María, María Mercedes, the latter being the one that marked her retirement from the small screen in 1992 and where she worked with Thalia.

Regarding her personal life, after her marriage to Juan Orol, she married Ramón de Florez, belonging to a Spanish family linked to that of the Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz; her fourth marriage was to a Spanish businessman and in the fifth, she joined a Lebanese businessman.


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