Florence: Roman greetings at the party of the carabinieri students, L’Arma – Stadium choirs only

At the Florence prosecutor’s office, the frames on the alleged fascist gesture of carabinieri students. The provincial command sends the video of the closing party of the annual course

carabinieri students
carabinieri students

The prosecutor of the Tuscan capital was informed by the Carabinieri on the case of the video, posted on Facebook, which portrays some young people, two or three, in the act of making the Roman salute at a party for the end of the course year of the Marshals and Brigadiers School of Florence.

To transmit the information to the magistrates were the carabinieri of the Florentine provincial command, who are carrying out all the checks on the matter. The video was viewed by the military. It will now be up to the prosecutors to determine whether or not there is the presence of crimes in the behavior of the people filmed by the camera.

The party was held on Wednesday evening in the Overfit venue in via del Perugino, on the outskirts of Florence. The video ended up on the club’s Facebook story. We are at the height of the evening, and a tricolor cake arrives, illuminated by a large candle. In the background, the loudspeakers broadcast the Italian anthem. Many arms are raised to celebrate. Many raise their glasses, others hold smartphones in their hands to immortalize the scene in a video.

It is in this moment of celebration that we also see outstretched arms, doing just what appears to be a Roman greeting.

The same manager of the club, who had posted the video, removed it as soon as he realized it. “There was also the cake with the Italian flag and the music with the national anthem” the owner, Manuele Maggi told Il Tirreno, explaining that he hadn’t noticed anything, “otherwise – he assured – we would never have published a video of this kind ».

This is the gesture of a minority of the boys present in the room, at least two arms raised. They are guys who are further behind than the others. Of these, someone holds out his right arm, someone his left, singing the hymn of Mameli. The video lasts a few seconds. The internal investigations by the carabinieri started immediately, entrusted to the investigators of the provincial command who decided to inform the judicial authority of the matter for the evaluation of the case.

The national secretary of Left Italy Nicola Fratoianni also spoke on the matter. “It is right – he highlights, praising the speed with which the checks were initiated – that the Arma Dei Carabinieri initiated investigations and involved the prosecutor of Florence. We expect to know in the next few days – adds Fratoianni commenting on the incident – what the leaders of the Arma will do, also because it is clear that those who make the Roman salute certainly cannot wear the uniform of the police forces of our country “. This story – concludes the politician – cannot “end with Carlucci and wine or with some customary justification …”.


A gesture like that of stadium choirs, without any intention of making the fascist salute. This is the thesis supported, through an official note, by the General Command of the Carabinieri regarding the case of outstretched arms during a party for the end of the course organized last Wednesday by some students of the Marshals and Brigadier School of Florence, in a local of the Tuscan capital.

The military also specifies that they have in any case informed the prosecutor of the incident, with a view to maximum transparency and in such a way that all the necessary checks can be carried out.

The outstretched arms appear in a video of a few seconds – posted on social media and then removed by the owner of the Florentine restaurant -when a tricolor cake is brought for the celebrations.

“From watching the video – reads the document released by the General Command – it is clear that the gesticulation of young people is that typical of“ stadium ”choirs, an attitude common to that held by many peers in the most disparate circumstances”.

“This – the carabinieri still specify – is immediately understandable by the posture of the boys’ arms and by the fact that many of them carry their mobile phone in their hands or by the fact that others raise both arms or only the left one, rhythmically accompanying the movement with the singing”.

From the examination of the video, therefore, the carabinieri did not recognize the presence of gestures that recall fascism. However, it is always specified by the general command, it was still decided to start investigations.

For this reason, the judicial authority was informed of the case: “To ensure maximum transparency and to protect the image of the weapon – the note continues -, the video was sent to the judicial authority for all assessments of competence, also about the media prospect of the fact “.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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