A new realm of natural wine opens at Villa Bonelli


Naturavino, the natural wine bar already a reference point in the Marconi district, arrives at Villa Bonelli. The store has moved a few kilometers away to a larger room, capable of accommodating the hundreds of labels on the list and increasingly interested the public in natural drinking.

The hosts, Massimo and Ambra, were joined by Gino Manfredi, the expert wine communicator. Both are passionate about natural wines, through this experience of sharing and conviviality they want to enhance the native vines and the work of still little-known winemakers by making the general public discover their labels.

“Naturavino is the synthesis of what we want to offer, only natural wine. The word nature reminds us of the necessary respect for the planet and our search for harmony between people and with the environment, through a selection of ethical wine”, tells Massimo and Gino.

Small paper producers

On the menu, many small producers: “We love not only to offer good wines, but also made by people we respect and who work in absolute respect for nature, its times and its potential, without any intervention, only with a safeguard, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, restoring the characteristics of the grape variety, the territory and the season to the wine.

We are looking for small producers that are still little known even though they have the potential. We want to be their megaphone to tell stories and territories to our guests “, add the owners of Naturavino.

The winery aims to achieve 500 labels, all of the natural wine, selected with careful scouting among the small wineries that work well, enhancing their respective territories and the indigenous vines that distinguish them.

To give some examples, with a bird’s eye trip on the Peninsula, many winemakers’ friends present in Naturavino’s menu, which favors Italian wine production: “From Ca’de Zago in Veneto to Tenuta Belvedere in Lombardy, from Rocco of Carpeneto in Piedmont to Podere Cipolla in Emilia, passing in Tuscany to Podere Luisa and going down south from Enoz in Campania, from Le Quattro Volte in Calabria, up to Sicily at the Cantina del Malandrino “.

The bar also follows the owners’ desire to stimulate the public’s knowledge of natural wines, always offering something new. “It will change frequently – they announce – and will be designed to entertain and intrigue, as well as to allow those who do not want to drink more than a glass to find even more important wines”.

“Few, but good” are the cocktails on the menu that cannot be missing such as the American, the Negroni, the gin and tonic also available in the ErGin Tonic version, and the Martini, Gino’s great passion.

At Naturavino you don’t just drink. There is also a food proposal that is articulated on straightforward and genuine dishes, starting with raw materials coming as much as possible from local producers: “Naturavino’s proposals are the natural continuation of the wine tasting experience” say the founders.

Simple proposals, which accompany the drink without overwhelming it, working also in this case on the selection of the raw material: “The main mission of the kitchen is to be able to coordinate with the dining room the most suitable combinations for the wines we offer and to be able to enhance their qualities” .

Apart from the cold cuts and cheeses, there are the crostini in three variations with pastrami and broccoli, with creamed cod and caramelized onion and with broad bean cream, speck, and pecorino, the sandwich with salmon, both meat and fish tartare, among the specialties stand out dishes taken from distant traditions but not too much, such as gazpacho and hummus with seasonal vegetables.

Once again the cold tomato porridge and the cacio and ovacompletes complete the savory offer, which is counterbalanced by a menu of desserts more oriented to the Italian tradition, from the Caprese cake to the rum baba and from the ricotta and pear cake to the classic tiramisu.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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