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Google Doodle Recalls the Start of the Winter Season

The December Solstice, also known as the Winter Solstice, occurs on December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Google Doodle Recalls the Start of the Winter Season

On Tuesday, December 21, Google Doodle is celebrating the beginning of the winter season. To celebrate the day, the American tech giant posted an animated doodle of a hedgehog in the snow on its homepage.

Google also shared out a tweet with the following message: “As the Earth tilts on its axis, many across the Southern Hemisphere prepare to chill out for the next few months. Happy first day of Winter!”

The 21st of December, often known as the December Solstice, marks the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It also celebrates the year’s shortest day and longest night.

Summer and winter solstices occur twice a year. As previously stated, the Winter Solstice happens around 21 December in the Northern Hemisphere, whereas the Summer Solstice occurs around 21 June.

What exactly is the December Solstice?

The December solstice, commonly known as the Winter solstice, is produced by the Earth’s axis tilt and orbital movement around the sun.

According to EartySky, at the December solstice, Earth is tilted on its axis by 23 1/2 degrees instead of circling upright.

“Although the tilt of the Earth in relation to the plane of its orbit around the Sun stays more or less constant (23.5), the Northern Hemisphere gets the most indirect sunlight around the December solstice, resulting in colder temperatures,” according to NASA’s official blog.

During the December solstice, all regions on north of the equator experience shorter days, i.e. fewer than 12 hours, and longer nights.

The northern hemisphere’s winter season will last until roughly 20 March, when spring will officially begin.

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