15 individuals caught in ATS raid for leaking test papers in Vadodara

15 individuals caught in ATS raid for leaking test papers in Vadodara

Vadodara: Gujarat’s government is not preventing the wave of paper explosions. The Panchayat Junior Clerk government job exam was scheduled to take place today, Sunday. Which will no longer take place because the exam paper has been leaked. The answer for the paper explosion emerged after police apprehended a man late at night. In this regard, chakkajam, tyre burning, and other slogans were raised by examinees across the state. Meanwhile, Gujarat ATS has picked up 15 people from Vadodara with exam papers.

Despite 156 seats, there is no trust; quickly dismiss the education minister-officers.

Students uproar

The Gujarat ATS’s constant surveillance has resulted in yet another paper leak event in Gujarat. The Panchayat Junior Clerk government recruitment exam paper has been postponed due to a leak, and yet another paper scandal has enraged pupils. In such situations, Gujarat ATS is keeping a close eye on the situation. According to Gujarat ATS SP Sunil Joshi, while the Gujarat ATS is keeping a close eye on people engaged in this affair, 15 accused have been apprehended from Vadodara in Gujarat who were in possession of this exam paper. The exam has been cancelled by the authorities. More research is being conducted.

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