Bernie Sanders wins caucus in Nevada, media projects in the US

The Vermont senator comes from taking the primaries that were held in New Hampshire.


Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic caucus in Nevada on Saturday, according to media projections in the United States.

Sanders started with a decisive early advantage , according to the first results. Fox News, NBC and ABC project that they will win the caucus. Joe Biden was in second place, according to the first results.

The caucus in Nevada represents the third consecutive process in which Sanders wins the popular vote .

But it’s not just that Sanders took the victory, but it’s also making his opponents lose. Five other candidates divided half of the voters who do not support the senator for Vermont, which will make it difficult for them to get the 15 percent minimum support needed to have delegates in the state.

Biden, after disappointing results in Iowa and New Hampshire , promised his supporters that he would be first or second in Nevada.

According to CNN polls , Sanders would have gained broad support in almost all demographic groups, especially Latinos , who gave him 53 percent support. Biden won among Nevada Democrats over 65 and African Americans.

Sanders also dominated among caucus voters who describe themselves as very liberal or somewhat liberal , far ahead of their progressive rival Elizabeth Warren, and even ahead of the demographic group of those who consider themselves moderate or conservative, with 23 percent of preferences, beating Biden, who has 22 percent.

On the way to the caucus in Nevada, the Vermont senator had a double-digit lead in the Real Clear Politics poll.

On the other hand, Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Warren were struggling to get at least 15 percent of the support required to receive delegates.

Buttigieg is the only other Democrat who has won a vote, in the chaotic caucus in Iowa. Biden and Warren ended up far behind in the first two processes, so both seek to gain momentum in the face of the ‘super Tuesday’ on March 3 , which will vote 14 states that include Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota and the jackpot of the entire Democratic process: California.

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