‘What the hell …?’ Trump mocks the triumph of ‘Parasite’ at the Oscars

The president criticized the victory that Bong Joon Ho’s tape wrote because it was a South Korean film.

'What The Hell ...?' Trump Mocks The Triumph Of 'Parasite' At The Oscars

“By the way, how bad were the Academy Awards this year? Did you see them?” Trump asked attendees at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Republican continued his criticism by asking: “The winner is a South Korean movie … what the hell was that all about? We have enough problems with South Korea for trade, and above all, they (the Academy) they give him the Best Movie of the Year. Was it okay? I don’t know. “

The president of the United States referred to some classics of American cinema such as What the wind took and The twilight of a life. “Can’t you like again What the wind took, please?

The president said he has not seen the South Korean film, but claimed that this can not be better than the classic American film, What the wind took , 1939.

Trump also questioned the recognition of the film for being a production made outside the United States.

“The winner is from South Korea. I thought that was the best foreign film.”

Neon, the Parasite distributor , responded to Trump on Twitter, suggesting that he could not understand the subtitles. “Understandable, he can’t read.”

On February 9, Parasite won the Best Film award, making history as the first foreign language to win the highest honor of the ceremony. In addition, the director of the thriller, Bong Joon Ho, also received the Oscar for Best Director.

The South Korean film also won Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film (formerly Best Foreign Language Film).


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