Avengers 4 The theory that would explain how Thanos crack could introduce the X-Men

'Avengers 4': The Theory That Would Explain How Thanos' Crack Could Introduce The X-Men
'Avengers 4': The theory that would explain how Thanos' crack could introduce the X-Men

Will Marvel introduce the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into their universe in ‘Avengers 4? It is possible that the studio could take advantage of the reversal of Thanos’ crack in the next movie of the franchise to offer an introduction of these characters, and for that, it could present interesting plots that would give play to their first tapes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A user of Reddit has theorized about this possible fact, offering an extensive explanation that, in addition, would also explain how this reversal of the consequences of Thanos’ crack would be carried out. According to the theory, two possibilities would fit.

The X-Men in the Marvel universe

On the one hand, Captain Marvel could use her great power to carry the stones and undo their apocalyptic consequences and, on the other hand, the superheroes of the MCU to whom the contract with Marvel ends could be sacrificed to try to bring back all the missing. In both cases, all people would be brought back to Earth, including those who are not in it.

This would be the perfect introduction for the Fantastic Four, which, according to what the theory tells, could be found exploring the Negative Zone and being returned to Earth after the reversal of the events of the end of ‘Infinity War’. Regarding the X-Men the situation would be more complex, involving a plot that would go back to the 50s and 60s where SHIELD, in its attempt to create improved individuals, created a kind of energy pump that would be presented as the origin of the mutant gene

According to what was published on Reddit, Thanos’ crack would have given rise to another wave of energy that would have reawakened this gene and the development of mutant abilities, which would make it possible to develop the first X-Men movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will the theory be true?

This theory has a lot of logic and could have a place in the franchise. However, the purchase agreement between Disney and Fox will not be effective until next 2019, and taking into account that ‘Avengers 4’ is already filmed, it is quite complicated that these ideas can be seen on screen in that tape.

In addition, the complexity that would involve the plot of the X-Men would require a thorough exploration that can hardly be accommodated in a film as choral as this fourth installment of ‘Avengers’. Although, who knows? All the answers, next year in theaters.


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