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Alberto Fernández agreed with Gabriel Boric to increase gas exports to Chile

The signing of the contract was given within the framework of the Summit of the Americas and guarantees the Argentine supply of four million cubic meters per day.

alberto fernandez y martin guzman
alberto fernandez y martin guzman

President Alberto Fernández announced this Friday the signing of an agreement with his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric, for the export of four million cubic meters of gas per day to Chile.

The signing of the contract took place within the framework of the IX Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles, United States, where both leaders were photographed and spoke with the press.

For the Argentine head of state, it is “a strike that repairs to some extent the behavior that Argentina once had” with the neighboring country.

Since June 1, the country has exported a total of 400,000 cubic meters of supply to the border, and with what has been agreed, it will increase to four million cubic meters per day under “a firm contract, which cannot be interrupted,” Fernández explained.

This export will take place with “the participation of private companies” in order to guarantee Chile the agreed amount, he remarked.

“It’s something we had to do. At the time we had to cut a contract with Chile and we did it in a very abrupt way,” said the president who appeared before the journalists accompanied by Boric.

In his turn, the Chilean president took stock of the meeting with Fernández and recalled that the two “share common principles” such as the need to promote “greater integration” between the two nations.

“The issue of energy is fundamental today in the world. The costs of energy are expensive for people and as long as we can collaborate between the two to improve the quality of life of our people, it is good news,” he said, adding: “As Alberto says, to forget the bad times, what better than the good news”.

The contract, in turn, ensures a gradual increase in gas exports, said the Chilean, something that will allow “lower costs” in certain areas of his country.

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