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The aggressors of Tiziano, the son of Valeria Mazza, received 90 days of preventive detention

The two accused of having broken the young man’s jaw at the exit of a bowling alley in Rosario were charged with serious intentional injuries.

The aggressors of Tiziano the son of Valeria Mazza received 90 days of preventive detention
The aggressors of Tiziano the son of Valeria Mazza received 90 days of preventive detention

The two young people who attacked Tiziano Gravier, the son of the model Valeria Mazza, at the exit of a bowling alley in Rosario, were charged on Friday with causing serious intentional injuries, mediating a discriminatory act due to social status, economic position, or physical characteristics of the victim.

After hearing the accusatory arguments of the prosecutor and the complaint, Jesuán M., 26 years old, and Franco Z., 27, admitted having participated in the attack and apologized.

Judge Hernán Postma, however, considered the episode “very serious” and ordered preventive detention for a period of 90 days. He considered, among other points, that there was a danger of flight by the accused.

“There was an argument with my friend and the injured person. I left this place, he told me everything and I acted. It’s wrong what we did, but it was what came out. I am sorry and apologize. It was an impulsive act. I did not think. I want to apologize to the family and to Tiziano”, assured Franco Z.

Along the same lines, and before breaking down, Jesuán M. said he was “very sorry for what happened”, explained that he never thought it would come “to this” and also sent “apologies” to the young man attacked and his family.

The blow received by Gravier (20) caused him a displaced jaw fracture that forced him to undergo surgery. On Thursday night he was discharged from the Austral University Hospital and the doctors estimate that his definitive recovery could take between 90 and 120 days.

The penalty they could receive for the assault if found guilty ranges from one to six years in prison.

The judge considered the material and moral damage suffered by Gravier and his family to be serious and considered that if there had been no media coverage, the case could have gone “unpunished”.

“We are not facing the fight of two boys who pushed each other twice and left laughing. Who is going to replace that moral damage suffered by the victim? Anguish, pain, impotence, what has been lost on a material and moral level, ”she inquired when deciding that the two young people remain detained for three months.

At the request of the complaint, in the presentation of the Gravier family, the case will be submitted to the Inadi when it is assessed that there was a discriminatory background. This parallel investigation could aggravate the situation of the accused.

Gravier was attacked early Sunday morning, near a bowling alley located at the intersection of Brown and Vera Mujica streets, in the city’s macro-center. He was with one of his brothers and had gone to one of the dance venues that work in the area to meet some friends.

He was occasionally in Rosario, where his mother is from, to participate in his grandmother’s birthday.

According to his account, he had no prior discussions and received two blows while they shouted “Tincho” at him, a derogatory form used among young people to refer to those who belong to upper-class sectors.

Prosecutor Rodrigo Santana defined the case as “reverse discrimination.” “They told him Tincho alleging the social, economic, physical condition. Today we are learning what reverse discrimination is. And they are all equally objectionable, ”he opined.

Santana considered that the aggression was “cunning, surprising and violent”. He said that he can expand the charges and that, among other elements, it will be key to see the magnitude of the physical damage caused.


Among the evidence, he presented the testimony of Tiziano’s friends who were at the scene, that of an anonymous person, in addition to the recordings of the cameras, the medical report from the hospital where he was treated in Rosario, and the evidence of the clothing worn the morning of the aggression, which was kidnapped in two raids carried out on Wednesday, minutes before the two aggressors surrendered.

According to the Gravier family’s lawyer, Germán Pugnaloni, Tiziano “was heard to speak with a tone that was not frequent for the city of Rosario and for that fact alone they attacked him and gave him these two terrible fist blows.”

In the video that went viral, it can be seen how, after being hit twice, Tiziano walks away to avoid further problems.

The aggressors live in Funes and Roldán, towns located west of Rosario. They have formal jobs and do not have a criminal record.

On Wednesday, an operation was carried out in the home of one of them, but they were not found. Hours later they appeared at the Criminal Justice Center and were arrested.

“Were there weapons, anything? No. There was a fist because of an argument they had. Why are we going to jail him? Neither racial hatred, economic position, nor reverse discrimination. They got angry and there was a fist bump. The rest will be media seasoning, whatever it is, ”said the defense attorney, Jorge Bedouret.

“I propose that they do a psychological treatment. A course for the management of aggressiveness. Do not put them in prison and kill them alive. Within justice we also have to be pious ”, he requested, a request that was not heeded by the judge. “I think it’s a witch hunt,” added one of the lawyers from his study.

“It was a blow to the whole society, to all of us who are parents. It is something that cannot happen. I’m not angry, I don’t feel like revenge. I feel like it can’t keep happening. Since it happened to one of my sons and it had repercussions, let us use it to make it ‘enough’. It cannot be that we cannot go out into the street in peace, that our children cannot have fun, so we are not going anywhere, ”the model, businesswoman, and mother of Tiziano assured on Thursday.

A professional skier, Gravier is one of the greatest Argentine promises in this discipline. Since the age of 12, he has competed internationally and was the flag bearer for the delegation at the Winter Youth Olympic Games held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2020.

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