Moon Knight

The Moon Knight returns to have a major role in Marvel. Whether due to the good reception that the series has had on Disneyor for other reasons, it seems that the Fist of Konshu is once again enjoying a great moment of splendor. And in the new series of Spider-Man 2099, it seems that he will have a big role.

In Spider-Man 2099, the Moon Knight appears

In the sneak peek for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #3 by Steve OrlandoZé CarlosErick Arciniega, and Clayton Cowleswe see a Moon Knight in a mummy-like suit who takes up residence on the Moon. In Spider-Man 2099Exodus #3 we see the Spider-Man of the future, Miguel O’Hara, talking about Loki‘s recent death when he receives a mysterious message from an unknown source.

The strange voice goes on to narrate the incident that killed the Avengers. It was an attack led by ZemoEnchantressSmelterBlack KnightRadioactive Man, and PatriotThe mysterious voice declares them the new masters of humanity and that they decided to travel to the stars to plunder them and also that they let humanity die. Through the vignettes, we are shown that the origin of the voice comes from Moon Knight, who now lives on the Moon. Moon Knight is covered in worn bandages reminiscent of a mummy, with a crescent moon symbol on his chest and glowing orange eyes.

According to the synopsis for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #3Moon Knight was the only survivor when the Avengers were killed by the Masters of Evil of 2099. After recovering from his injuries, he has assembled a new team of heroes to defeat the Masters of Evil and save the world of the future. So we can see the Moon Knight of the year 2099 leading a new formation of Avengers.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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