Bad Bunny: who is El Muerto, the new character that he will play in Marvel?

We tell you all about the first movie with a Latino superhero.

bad bunny
bad bunny

Bad Bunny has just surprised his fans by announcing that he will star in a new Marvel movie, where he will give life to an antihero that only the biggest Spider-Man fans know. He finds out all about El Muerto, the new identity of the talented urban singer.

If exhausting all his dates in concerts and being the most listened to the performer of 2021 seemed little to you, Bad Bunny continues to reap successes and now he will be part of a new Marvel project and here we have all the details.

Everything you need to know about The Dead

On April 25, some of the projects that Sony has planned for the future were announced at the CinemaCon festival that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in The Forum at Caesars Palace, one of the most outstanding was the integration of a new character to the universe of everyone’s favorite super arachnid, since according to the official report we will soon be able to meet a charismatic Mexican fighter who will make Peter Parker tremble.

When it became known that the 28-year-old Puerto Rican singer would be in charge of bringing El Muerto to life, the reactions were immediate, since the famous interpreter has begun to steal a little screen in the entertainment industry. Let’s remember that very recently we saw Bad Bunny join the cast of Narcos: Mexico where he gave life to Arturo Kitty Paez, and this 2021 he will make his big Hollywood debut in the film Bullet Train, along with Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King , Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Lady Gaga. Also let’s remember that Bad Bunny is no stranger to wrestling since he participated in 2021 at Wrestlemania 37where he wrestled alongside Damian Priest to defeat Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler.

Who is El Muerto, the new character that Bad Bunny will play?

For those who do not know this character from the Marvel universe, it is Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez. This young Mexican wrestler originally from Magdalena de Kino, Sonora (according to the publisher that created him), comes from a long line of many generations of wrestlers, who have to earn their right to wear the suit only if they become worthy of it.

The story of El Muerto begins when his father, Marcus Estrada, sacrifices his life to save that of Juan Carlos, so in his eagerness to find justice he trains for 10 long years until he finally becomes a worthy successor to his father. This anti-hero who performs in the fighting ring has the opportunity to fight hand-to-hand with Spider-Man during a charity event in New York, where to the superhero’s surprise he is brutally defeated by this little-known fighter. Thus, despite the fact that their relationship does not start off on the right foot, both heroes finally come together to fight another villain.

Bad Bunny: who is El Muerto, the new character that he will play in Marvel?

When will The Dead be released?

If, like us, you are dying to see our Bad Bunny conquer the world of superheroes and succeed as he does in all his projects, we have incredible news for you since Sony has announced that this film will hit the big screen on January 12 of 2024.

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