Yuliett Torres in red lace wins the publication of the year (Photos)

The Guadalajara model has made the networks go crazy once again. Yuliett Torres is confirmed as the owner to shoot hearts.

yuliett torres 1
yuliett torres 1

When you think you can’t get over your last publication, Yuliett Torres’s instinct appears to make everyone wrong. The model is once again the sensation in the networks and it is not for less because now she is seen posing with a daring set of red lace .

Yuliett Torres does not know the limits and her sensuality much less. The latest photoshoot from the comfort of Yuliett Torres’ bed confirms it. In total there were 6 photos of which at least one pair are very strong but at the same time they allow you to admire the beauty of the model.

The location and composition is very simple, a bed, natural light, Yuliett Torres and a totally red outfit with lace details that makes everything much more impressive, contrasting with the white sheets of the bed. Only in a couple of hours it has exceeded more than 106 thousand likes , which is undoubtedly a success.

Yuliett Torres in red lace wins the publication of the year (Photos)
The color red suits Yulietto Torres very well | Photo: Instagram


The curious case of all Yuliett Torres publications is that his followers can no longer with his step, everything they can tell him in comments is obsolete or very insignificant before a tremendous display of beauty so now they only leave some emojis just to comply with your input.

In case something was missing that would further ignite the passions in the publications, just read the description where Yuliett Torres leaves an accurate reflection that goes according to what he shows in his post, “I like what you show, and what you hide me excites “, it reads.


Yuliett Torres in red lace wins the publication of the year (Photos)
The Guadalajara model shows that it is number 1 in networks | Photo: Instagram


Yuliett Torres is a model on Instagram who is not afraid of censorship, she knows that her community is faithful, not and they are going to report it, even some of her followers are women who support her and that one or another applauds the great beauty of women that has come to be.

The reality is that, for now, in Mexico we do not see a woman who has the same convening power as Yuliett Torres’ publications, they are seconds where thousands or even millions of people are already behind her all day every day and that for Yuliett is something that she always looks for in order to stay within everyone’s taste.

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