Yuliett Torres surprises Everyone while Practicing aerial dance and steals more than one heart with heartbreaking Stills

The social media model took some aerial dance classes to show them off on her social networks and steal sighs from those who see her photos.


Mexico – Although she only gave a taste of everything that is yet to be shown, Yuliett Torres already has heaven won with what she is going to publish in her next days, her new adventure practicing aerial dance has generated high expectations after the images released for her on her Instagram.

Yuliett Torres – Aerial Dance

Just a few hours ago, Yuliett Torres shared the message, Every day you learn something new, aerial dance, soon through my YouTube channel”, she commented on Guadalajara while leaving some photos of her attempts where the proximity of the camera with her body set the bar very high from what can be seen in the finished work.

In total there were 4 photos and a gif of Yuliett Torres where she knelt with her back to the camera while holding onto the fabrics where the acrobatics and dance were performed, her rear was the center of attention both in the photos and in the comments where her fans did not hesitate to leave her a message of support.

Yuliett Torres
The social media model took some aerial dance classes to show them off on her social networks and steal sighs from those who see her photos. Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres surpassed in just a few hours the more than 160 thousand reactions and it is that everything that she shares in networks does not go unnoticed and much less before more than 8.6 million fans who day by day worry and take care of being aware of the model.

And more in recent days where she has shared as many all as she can, and from the comfort of her home, posing with little and daring clothes which have made the like button not stop being used in a week. Now Yuliett Torres was surprisingly seen visiting the facilities of TV Azteca where she still does not know what the reason for her presentation was.

Yuliett Torres
The full content will be shared on your YouTube account in the following days | Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres has so much Yuliett Torres influencer that has already appeared on television channels despite being a highly attractive figure and that in that medium at times they might think that it is too much to show on the national signal, but even so, she has been present arrowing even more to more persons.

As it is becoming a habit, her friends or acquaintances leave her a message to acknowledge her beauty, but as regards her fans, they only choose to leave emojis in each publication and only send messages privately where Yuliett Torres check and respond but not always.

With so much interaction, Yuliett Torres herself confessed that it is almost impossible to respond to everyone who dedicates time to write to her and she thanked them for all their words of support, “Hey sometimes it is impossible for me to respond to everyone but to all I read, “she commented.

The extravagant model Yuliett Torres revealed how comfortable she spends her Sundays with more than light clothes.

Yuliett Torres has become a registered trademark on Instagram with her daring poses and content, although it is something strong, nothing yet that can be sanctioned by the rules of the community, unlike everything she can do on other platforms where she is also one of the owners with such fanciful designs that she uses.

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