This is how Yuliett Torres lived her Sunday in the most comfortable and at the same time daring

The extravagant model Yuliett Torres revealed how comfortable she spends her Sundays with more than light clothes.

yuliett torres
yuliett torres

The owner of social networks does it once again. Yuliett Torres knew how to turn on her fans even when she was on her rest day and wearing very comfortable clothes, and anything that the model from Guadalajara shares is of great importance to her followers.

Now Yuliett Torres gave a hint of how she spends her relaxing Sunfdays, especially in the mornings when she wakes up with a few photos wearing pink lingerie to contrast with her hair and the color of her skin. In total there were 6 photos, one much better than the other but together a real photo shoot.

The theme of the session was simple, a day of rest and with comfortable clothes so that her fans see her calmer and not as produced as is already a custom in their networks, but apparently they also liked the version that presented them the model and it is that in a few hours it exceeded more than 119 thousand likes.

With so much interaction, Yuliett Torres herself confessed that it is almost impossible to respond to everyone who dedicates time to write to her and she thanked them for all their words of support, “Hey sometimes it is impossible for me to respond to everyone but to all I read, “he commented.

Yuliett Torres surprises her fans every day, just a few days ago she blew up Instagram with the publication of a few photos wearing a red lace suit, which further turned her fans on, who gave her almost 300 thousand likes. The fanatic of Chivas and sometimes of the Atlas has a heart for all who reach her networks.

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yuliett torres

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