Yuliett Torres suffers from heat but never losing style and her most attractive side

Yuliett Torres

High temperatures in Mexico are not something that many people like, the feeling is unpleasant and everyone is exposed to it, including those beautiful and statuesque women on social media, especially  who did not hesitate to complain about the strong heat What happened.

In an unusual publication, Yuliett Torres asked his fans if “Does anyone else have heat, or just me?”, To which many responded affirmatively. But with the intense heat that did not stop the Guadalajara from giving away some excellent photos showing off her marked figure with a fitted dress with more flirtatious details.

The truth is that Yuliett Torres always finds a way to please his loyal followers and now although he suffered from heat and it was evident in the photos, he still did his best to deliver beautiful postcards.

Yuliett.jpg 487247806 | Geekybar
Yuliett Torres Modeling Her Tight Dress | Photo: Instagram


Yuliett Torres’s outfit and what she looks the most are the dresses, this time she decided to use one in turquoise blue with quite striking details with many minis opening on the side of the dress that go from the armpits to the leg, revealing some sections of their skin, those parts are adorned with buttons that gives them a great design.

The clear example of the heat that Yuliett Torres experienced was seen in her dress and that is that on the chest, right where the abdomen begins, some sweat accumulated from the model that after it passed to the fabric which made it wet, leaving the Clear brand, yet for the model it was not an impediment to delight her millions of fans.

The Figure Of Yuliett Torres One Of The Most Applauded In Social Networks | Geekybar
The Figure Of Yuliett Torres One Of The Most Applauded In Social Networks | Photo: Instagram


Yuliett Torres is a lover of wearing outfits that are more than flashy, from fitted, with transparencies, quite short, but each of them has been a success in the networks, which is why it has been able to remain among the taste of thousands of people.


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