Yuliett Torres continues to steal CDMX hearts, now it was in the Chapultepec Forest

The Mexican model Yuliett Torres nothing stops her to delight her millions of fans on social networks.

Yuliett Torres Steals Hearts For Cdmx Photo

The model of social media influencer , is increasingly exceeding herself more and more, that was confirmed with her most recent publication where she burst the like button thanks to her fans who fell in love with her outfit that where see it is a real gem.

Yuliett Torres, who continues to celebrate for the 8.5 million followers on Instagram, gave them a mini photo session with a flirty outfit of only 4 pieces where what stands out are the huge transparencies and the stars that can be seen in her outfit.

Yuliett Torres’s outfit consists of a set of black lingerie with lace finishes, and on them a “skirt” type full of stars that adorn the transparency, that same design is replicated in some wristbands.


Yuliett Torres Thanked The 8.5 Million Followers On Instagram
Yuliett Torres Thanked The 8.5 Million Followers On Instagram | Photo: Yulitett Torres


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Yuliett Torres, after publishing them, thanked all the fans who have left her a nice comment, promised to read all the messages and respond to the ones she could, in addition to inviting them to other of her exclusive content platforms. “Thank you all for your beautiful emojis I read them to everyone right away,” she wrote.

The photos of Yuliett Torres caused great acceptance since in just a few hours she achieved more than 114 thousand reactions and they have not been the only ones that have been so successful, in the last week she has won applause for other images that have unleashed good comments about her person and clear about her beauty.

The Model Spoiled Her Fans With Various Poses | Photo: Yuliett Torres
The Model Spoiled Her Fans With Various Poses | Photo: Yuliett Torres


Yuliett Torres in recent days has been on a walk through CDMX where he has shared several of his hot photos, the same ones that go by and pass the days and are gaining more likes and the affection of his fans who know the effort that it costs to the lovely Yuliett to give them quality content, both on their networks and on private platforms.

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