Yuliett Torres goes into military mode and models flirty leggings

The Guadalajara model Yuliett Torres showed her more serious side with a photo shoot with a military theme.

Yuliett Torres Model Military Leggings In Networks Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres
Yuliett Torres model military leggings in networks Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

The owner of social networks Yuliett Torres does it once again, the model from Guadalajara left her jaw dropped in her most recent publication where she shared a flirty military-themed photo shoot where she modeled some tight leggings but in she look great.

With this session made it clear that he does not have to teach a little more to continue being the favorite of millions of users of social networks when looking for the best content, in addition to the fact that censorship regulations are the order of the day for what he opted for something quiet but without any waste.

The images were taken in what appears to be the garage of a house where you can see at least two vans where one matched in a great way with Yuliett Torres outfit, such as a black Jeep that accompanied the model in her photos.

Yuliett Torres Models Her Tight Leggings | Photo: Instagram
Yuliett Torres Models Her Tight Leggings | Photo: Instagram

Yuliett Torres wore a very military outfit, a light military green top-style shirt and camouflage leggings and boots to give it a more aggressive touch. In total there were 7 photographs that the Mexican gave to her fans who are still celebrating since this week she reached 8.5 million followers.

Yuliett Torres days beforehand had already given some taste of everything he can share and the quality of his material, sessions in Mexico City and from his bed his room were the most applauded by his fans.

The Military Theme Suits Yuliett Torres Well | Photo: Instagram
The Military Theme Suits Yuliett Torres Well | Photo: Instagram

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