Yuliett Torres enters the fight to have the perfect waist of social networks

Instagram model Yuliett Torres entered the fray to be one of the women with a perfect waist.

1/1 Yuliett Torres With A Heart Attack Waist In His Networks Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres
1/1 Yuliett Torres with a heart attack waist in his networks Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

The Mexican influencer  has surprised all social networks by making it clear that she has one of the best waists in the medium and with some accounts, she verified it.

Yuliett Torres shared in her most recent publication something that left more than one open-mouthed and it is that by showing off her tight leggings, she also showed that she has one of the smallest waists on social networks for what she has earned be in the limelight.


The photos were taken with the intention of promoting her leggings but the natural look drew attention to several points of the photos that were applauded by her fans, especially her back, which has cost her a lot of work.

Yuliett Torres’s outfit was completed with a denim jacket that gave a much more sensual touch to the images that all took her compliments, those that she likes to receive from her loyal followers so much.


This Is How Yuliett Torres Boasted Her Bicolor Leggings
This Is How Yuliett Torres Boasted Her Bicolor Leggings | Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres waist is undoubtedly one of the most perfect and smallest of the medium in social networks, but even so there were some who continue to prefer other instagramers who also have what it takes to place for that position, and one of them and the one that It could be the number one is Alexa Dellanos who days ago was even compared to Thalía.


For the Mexican influencer, this is not something that takes away her sleep because she is happy with everything she has achieved over the years to build her figure to be one of the most requested on any platform that is present.

Yuliett Torres where if she is one of the most influential is the number of followers, just this week she reached her first 8.5 million fans , on Instagram only what makes her one of the most followed in Mexico with that style of content, It has undoubtedly been a long job that has cost him to be there, that is why he enjoys it with great enthusiasm whenever he can.

Yuliett Torres Shows Off Her Slim And Perfect Waist
Yuliett Torres Shows Off Her Slim And Perfect Waist | Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres


As a celebration that same week, she shared some sessions in Mexico City that were somewhat elevated in tone where she showed a little more and that in the end they were completely liked by her fans who responded with likes and thousands of comments.

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