Yanet García raised her sexy rear in tight pants Very hot!

The former Climate Girl, Yanet García , put herself in profile to raise her entire rear and her fans spread her compliments. Glowing!

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Yanet García , the former Climate Girl from Televisa is considered one of the women with the best Latino rearguard . With each passing day, the Mexican shows her bubbles much more, but what fans love the most is when Yanet decided to lift her sexy butt in tight garments like pants to be very hot.


The former Climate Girl from the “Today” show is one of thousands of social media celebrities who are showing various ways to pass the time now during quarantine. Yanet García is determined to help her 13 million followers on Instagram so they can tone her body.

Now in quarantine, Yanet García is sharing various exercise routines to perform from home. Although many people follow her for the fitness tips shared by the television host, thousands are also looking for Yanet to admire her irresistible butt.


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