Who is Silvy Araujo, the person in charge of training Antonela Roccuzzo

The Rosario showed part of her training with Leo Messi: following the videos of the Colombian influencer.

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Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi do not stop sharing moments of their intimacy on social networks in which they are seen happy after the long-awaited consecration of the Argentine National Team in the Copa América . La Pulga’s wife shared meetings with her family and also showed who is in charge of training her : Colombian Silvana Araujo.

The Rosario shared a funny video on her networks while training with Messi and enchanted Silvy Araujo : a Fit influencer from Colombia who breaks her with her videos on Instagram. More than 1,600,000 followers are those who follow their routines and among them is Anto Roccuzzo who was smiling and with a lot of energy when training.

Who is Silvana Araujo?
The influencer entered the world of training about 10 years ago and showed her content on YouTube, and since 2017 she has been in charge of uploading to social networks all kinds of content related to beauty, physical exercises, nutrition, and other activities that surround to the fitness world.

Who is Silvy Araujo, the person in charge of training Antonela Roccuzzo
Silvy Araujo shares training videos and Antonela Roccuzzo is one of her “students”.

According to Forbes Colombia magazine , this year Silvy became one of the members of the Top10 of most relevant fit influencers in her country, thanks to routines designed to work on specific areas of the body, giving nutritional information or tips to take into account for do not make mistakes when entering the “fit world”.

Who is Silvy Araujo, the person in charge of training Antonela Roccuzzo
According to Forbes Colombia magazine, Araujo is in the Top10 of influencers in the fit world. @silvyaraujo | Instagram

Despite the pandemic , this did not stop it and created a challenge to motivate people to exercise in isolation . He called it SilBe by Silvy Araujo, it is about “8 weeks to change your life”, in it he shares workouts to perform throughout the week, explains stretching techniques and mental well-being.

Who is Silvy Araujo, the person in charge of training Antonela Roccuzzo
Antonela Roccuzzo’s coach shares trainings, nutritional tips, motivational phrases, on her networks.

Araujo maintains that his objective is “to strengthen people’s self-love, motivating them and inviting them to love each other more every day, always taking care of their health.” That is why he shares his routines and motivational phrases to show that “with dedication, perseverance and self-love you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself.”

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