The truth behind Lady Gaga’s support for Morena

It was in groups of Facebook pro AMLO that this news began to circulate

Lady Gaga has never worn a t shirt in support of
Lady Gaga has never worn a t shirt in support of

Throughout this Thursday, some social network users began to viralize an image of Lady Gaga with an alleged shirt of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), as a form of support, however, the supporters of this political party and fans pop could be hugely disappointed.

For some people it would have been a fantasy to see their favorite singer support their favorite political institution, but it must be clarified that Lady Gaga has never worn a Morena shirt , much less has expressed her support for the party founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2011.

According to the news agency The Associated Press (AP), the image dates from September 2016, when the Bad Romance interpreter attended the program “The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show”, based in New York, United States.

That day, Gaga only wore black ankle boots, shorts of the same color, dark glasses and a white crop-top, without any pattern or motif that referred to Morena.

The image was originally published on Paper Magazin e , which is dedicated to fashion. Within its pages it was rated as one of his favorite costumes . It should be noted that at that time he was promoting his most recent album “Joanne”.

Due to the fact that one of the most influential artists of world pop stars used that outfit, some people took the opportunity to place the logo of the political party and use it in their favor, without skimping on the misinformation that it could cause.

Facebook was the platform where this false photograph became relevant, which was accompanied by a description that referred to criticisms made towards the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN), popularly known as ” PRIAN .”

Rafael Cabrera, AP journalist, said he was surprised by the circulation of the information and stressed that it was within groups “for AMLO” that this fake news began .

“In a recent live broadcast, they asked her about her opinion about the Mayan Train , to which she replied: ‘ The supposed ecological footprint is an invention of the PRIAN assholes to stop the infrastructure projects that will lift the country out of poverty. . Full support for President Obrador, he is supported from abroad, ‘”the Facebook message reads.

Finally, in a second paragraph of the message that is observed pixelated due to the time it has been on the network, he added: “Let’s remember when in full elections of 2018 , the artist wore a shirt in support of President Obrador. APPLAUSE!!!”.

Some comments made to the original message express their support for the singer, to the extent of calling her “ours”, to integrate her into the movement self-appointed by the President of the Republic as the Fourth Transformation (4T).

“Well my LADY GAGA you are one of us and we are stronger than ever and together we will make history and Viva México”, wrote the user identified as Tita Urbina Urbina.

For his part, Juan Rivera wrote: “His conscience is awake, he sees clearly the projects of our great president. Mexicans who sleep listen to progressive ideas, WE SUPPORT THE 4T. Long live Mexico”.

So far, Lady Gaga has not spoken out for or against Mexican policy . Much less has he worn the Morena shirt or some other party, no matter how much the image circulates, or the source from which it comes, it is false and motivates misinformation among the user population of social networks and instant messaging applications.

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