The networks go bananas when Livia Brito wears a highly sexy black bralette.

Livia Brito, 35, caused a commotion on social media with her black bralette by posting an extremely erotic photo for her fans, who were left with a square eye when they saw her.

Flirty Livia Brito Unbuttons Her Shirt And Shows Off Her Bralette Insta

And it is in the image that you can see the Cuban actress naked with a black blouse, but it appears like the heat overpowered her and she chose to remove some extra buttons.

Never give up, that is what life is all about… I have always liked horses, but now that I have been living with them more intimately, they make me a beautiful, loving, playful animal that, above all, never gives up,” she comments in the photo Livia Brito.

Her followers, as usual, were ecstatic to see the whole beauty that the singer exuded, who loves to turn on the networks at all times.

Livia Brito Posed Very Sensual With Her Black Bralette

Flirty Livia Brito unbuttons her shirt to reveal her bralette.
Livia Brito posed sensuously in a black bralette / Instagram
“What a bizarre way to ask me to marriage, but I accept,” “Beautiful Livia, I don’t miss a single chapter of the soulless.” “Waiting to see how everything turns out,” they write to the famous.

Another item that drew this woman’s notice was the fact that the telenovela La Desalmada, in which she stars, was favourably received by the general public.

It’s worth noting that the lovely Cuban was in the eye of the storm for a while after hitting a journalist, though the problem appears to have been resolved.

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