Who appears better as “Doa Inés” in the Tenorio Cómico, Olivia Collins or Maribel Guardia?

Olivia Collins is one of Maribel Guardia’s closest friends; both of them, in addition to being great and charming performers, have something more in common. They appear magnificent, stunning, and exquisite at 60-something years old, not to mention they have an appealing figure.

Olivia Collins And Maribel Guardia Have Been Friends For Years.

Maribel Guardia, a Costa Rican singer and actor, is part of the stellar cast of the production ” Tenorio Cómic ía “, where she plays Doa Inés. She was unable to attend the activities last weekend owing to personal reasons, and was replaced by her close friend, Mexican actress Olivia Collins.

Doa Inés is the most visually appealing aspect of ” Tenorio Cómico “; with her character’s clothes, both Maribel Guardia and Olivia Collins exude beauty and sensuality, getting numerous positive remarks from their respective social network followers.

Maribel Guardia Spectacular As Dona Ines In Tenorio Comico
Maribel Guardia shines as Doa Inés in “Tenorio Cómico.” Instagram: @maribelguardia
Olivia Collins has received numerous remarks, including “you are simply lovely, extremely seductive and elegant”, “beautiful”, “goddess”, “too sweet” and others. Maribel Guardia’s admirers described her as “beautiful,” “maid of honour,” “looks like a goddess,” and “beauty of a woman.”

On this show, it’s difficult to identify who looks more like Doa Inés. Olivia Collins or Maribel Guardia? Who do you pick?


The ” Comic Tenorio ” is a storey based on our country’s political and social satire; the current season was adapted to the days of Covid-19. Alejandro Gou is in charge of the production, and the cast includes Arath de la Torre, Los Mascabrothers, Lalo Espaa, and others.

Olivia Collins Spectacular As Dona Ines In
Olivia Collins is fantastic as Doa Inés in “Tenorio Cómico.” Instagram: @oliviacollinsmx
Olivia Collins, by the way, took over for Maribel Guardia in a controversial role. Doa Inés kisses the character of Germán Ortega, one of Los Mascabrothers, in one of the play’s sequences. The actress, on the other hand, refused.

Maribel Guardia defended her friend Olivia Collins in an interview with TV Azteca’s “Ventaneando”: “I have not spoken with Olivia, I assume it must have been because of the Covid, for a certain precaution, she was rescued as a year and a half and well, obviously, I imagine that was the issue.”

Olivia Collins has yet to remark on the situation.


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