Yanet Garca displays her underwear collection at OnlyFans, to the delight of some and the chagrin of others.

Yanet Garcia Is Originally From Monterrey Nuevo Leon.

Yanet Garca is no longer on television; she finished her run as the joyful Weather Girl in the Hoy show and now works as a Certified Health Coach as well as a model for OnlyFans. She tends to divide opinions due to the spicy stuff she uploads on her social networks: some admire her, while others blame her.

She asked her admirers to subscribe to her OnlyFans account in one of her Instagram posts, providing a video to provide them a taste of what they can find. Yanet Garca displayed her gorgeous lingerie line and flaunted her physical endowments in all their glory.

To further entice her admirers, she removes the upper portion of her undergarments in the photographs. “How when they don’t know how to work or study and they don’t have grey matter,” some Instagram users criticised the 30-year-old former television host from Monterrey, New Leon.

Similarly, one of her fans chastised her for posting the same image on Instagram and OnlyFans, despite the fact that the latter platform is known for its explicit content. “It doesn’t display anything that hasn’t already been presented on Instagram; it has the same stuff; there’s nothing good or new.”

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Meanwhile, several of her followers flocked to him, saying things like, “beautiful doll,” “you are a queen,” “as always and every day, lovely,” “a goddess,” “these are some of your greatest photographs until now, you keep getting better and better, you are so beautiful,” and many more.

Yanet Garc stated a few months ago in an interview with TVyNovelas magazine, “I want to direct my Instagram account on health and wellness problems, and I’m giving all the sensual content to OnlyFans.”

She claimed that she made this decision for her career “for what is to come and for what follows, as well as to develop more exclusive and higher quality content.” She feels closer to her followers with OnlyFans since having greater contact fosters community by allowing her to send them messages, movies, audios, and perform live: “you create material, publish it, and sell it.”

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