Silvina Escudero posed topless and defied censorship: I refuse to live in an ordinary world

Silvina Escudero 1
Silvina Escudero 1

Silvina Escudero surprised her followers on Instagram with a risky postcard from the beach and without a bra.

The panelist of Los Mammones posed lying on the sand, topless and defying the censorship of the social network.

So that the photo was not removed from the social network, Silvina used emojis in the shape of an X in red and placed them strategically on her postcard . An idea that for some time has become a solution for various influencers to fight against censorship.

Escudero quoted a phrase next to her publication: I refuse to live in the ordinary world , like an ordinary woman, to establish ordinary relationships. I need ecstasy .

Silvina Escudero Pp | Geekybar

Likewise, the panelist shared a small reflection on what said writing means in her life: “I feel that this phrase defines me so much. I need to keep believing in magic, magic . That’s how I am and that’s how I love to be. It connects me with my happiness ”.

Silvina Escudero on the beach

The dancer has already shared several postcards of her beach days, some on the verge of censorship and others more relaxed.


Silvina Escudero 2 | Geekybar

The outfits of the panelist during her stay in the sun and sand have not gone unnoticed by her fans, who often praise her and react to her posts with messages of support and likes.

Currently, Escudero is part of the personalities with a large number of followers, she has more than 1.6 million in the social network.



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