Sabrina Garciarena on “Mothers”: “It is a work in which one identifies and invites you to reflect”

Sabrina Garciarena on “Mothers”: “It is a work in which one identifies and invites you to reflect”

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“Mothers” is the play that was all the rage on Off-Broadway and that arrived last Friday at the Picadero theater in the City of Buenos Aires. There, Sabrina Garciarena (Dani), Paula Kohan (Maru), Flor Otero (Nina) and Viviana Puerta (Barbi) play four very different friends who share an intense common task, being a mother.

Sabrina Garciarena on "Mothers": "It is a work in which one identifies and invites you to reflect"
“Mothers” Web

The focus of this musical is on entertainment , but it does not stop opening the board to themes that are often repressed about the anguish and uncertainty in which many women find themselves when they are mothers.

The Argentine version of the work will be able to be seen from August 20 on Plateanet via streaming at the same times as the face-to-face functions.

Sabrina Garciarena on "Mothers": "It is a work in which one identifies and invites you to reflect"
“Mothers” Web

Vía País spoke with actress Sabrina Garciarena to find out more details about the project made up entirely of women.

What feelings does returning to the theater cause you?

After so many months without activity, the truth is that it is an emotion. We are very happy with how people accompany and love the theater, they come and are encouraged knowing that the protocols of the theater are safe. I always say the same thing, the theater is safer for me than going to a supermarket.

What does “Mothers” mean at this moment in your life?

Madres means the return to activity, it means encouraging me to do another musical. I wanted to do musical theater but I was expecting a project that I love, and as soon as I read it, everything happened to me, I laughed, I was excited. It also means identification with my character and those of my colleagues. I also like to tell a message, it is a work in which one identifies and sees a mother, a friend, a cousin, or oneself and in turn invites you to reflect.

How do you identify or differ with Dani, your character?

I identify with my pregnancy as León, my first child. Dani is very meticulous, very studious and I remember that I read a lot of books, I prepared myself. I did everything there is to do to receive a first child and obviously you have all the theory and not the practice and when they give you the baby and you take it home you say: ‘and now what do I do?’ particular.

Dani is those people who need to have everything in order so as not to break out, so meticulous with everything. There are people who work very well with a routine, I am a more relaxed person, more open to change . I really like to organize myself, I think I have achieved that with my life, my house, my children, my husband, but I am a person who calls me overnight to film 20 days in Europe and I have to go alone, I do. I open my arms and let that happen.

What do you expect from this project?

I hope it is a very popular project because it is fun, with very catchy and beautiful songs and a very hopeful and thoughtful message. It is a project that does well and art has to do with that, with one seeing a show, a series and thinking about it. When that happens to you with fiction, when you stay with something that makes you reflect, it seems to me that it is what it does well.

What do you think?

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