Romina Malaspina posed with a transparent and shiny dress

The influencer shared a photo on Instagram and conquered her followers.

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Image 1 122

Romina Malaspina enjoys sharing her costumes with her millions of fans. Her favorite garments are usually garments with transparencies.

On this occasion, the model published a photo at night and from the beach where she is seen posing with a long dress of transparencies and glitters in gold.

Romina Malaspina posed with a transparent and shiny dress
Romina Malaspina Instagram

Comments from his millions of fans were not long in coming. “How beautiful are you going to be ?,” How beautiful Romina “,” You are beautiful Romina. Have a nice day. Take care “,” Beautiful woman “,” Beautiful … it’s out there “, were some of the reactions of his followers.

“AUGUST / 20 – Everything is fine Save the date” was the text that Malaspina chose as the epigraph to accompany his recent snapshot on the camera network.

Romina Malaspina took a turn in her career in the last time. After leaving the world of journalism and giving up the leadership of Channel 26, he decided to dedicate himself to music. However, the model also ventured into the world of finance.

Romina Malaspina posed with a transparent and shiny dress
Instagram: @romimalaspina

Since her departure from television, the influencer is dedicated to sharing the learnings of her cryptocurrency buying and selling classes and constantly invites her fans to follow in her footsteps.

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