Natalia Garibotto surprises her followers with her spectacular animal print bikini

In the first image, the Brazilian appears from the front, giving us a big smile.

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BRAZIL – Yesterday Natalia Garibotto stole the hearts of her more than 3 million followers on Instagram after she uploaded 3 snapshots with an incredible brindle swimsuit.

In the first image, the Brazilian appears from the front, giving us a big smile, while placing her hands on her chest, and wears a hot bikini, revealing her exuberant figure.

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For the second photograph, the model is in profile, while her long blonde hair falls on her back, just covering her large rear with a cloth tied around her waist.

Finally, the influencer places herself completely on her back, while she lowers the cloth that covers her, managing to show off all her sensuality.

Natalia accompanied her post with a description in which we can read ” Drunk photos are the best photos”, which undoubtedly left her fans surprised.

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