Manelyk González with a red bikini and her back shows her waist

Image 1 189
Image 1 189

Manelyk González , 32 years old, once again leaves everyone with a square eye because the beautiful model posed on her back and most sexy, because she was looking at a divine body.

Another of the things for which Manelyk González drew attention is not only because of the bearing that he reflects, but also because of how small his waist is, as well as an enviable face.

My back was one of the parts of my body that I hated because I don’t stick well to my skin after lipo! I exercised her, changed my diet, nu skin treatment 3 times a week !!! Now I love it, the beautiful girl writes in the photo.

Manelyk González has also become an icon of sensuality, because when we saw her in Acapulco Shore she always attracted attention with the bikinis she wore.

As expected, the fans immediately reacted to the photo of Manelyk González where they wrote about everything because of how beautiful she looks with the .

“So they don’t say you don’t have a good heart”, “That’s how you are persevering and clinging to what you want and you get it. #ManeInspira”, they write to the beautiful girl.

It is worth mentioning that Manelyk González plans a reality show alongside her boyfriend Jawy Méndez that is very different from that of Acapulco Shore.


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