Like the lady that she is, Paola Rojas put Zague in his place for the infidelity committed (VIDEO)

The leak of an intimate video of the former Mexican soccer player Zague revealed an infidelity to his then wife, the journalist Paola Rojas

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More than two years ago, the Mexican journalist Paola Rojas , host of ” Al aire con Paola ” by Noticieros Televisa , was involved in a great scandal after the leak of a very intimate video of her then husband, the former soccer player of the Mexican National Team Luis Roberto Alves dos Santos Gavranic , better known as ” Zague “.

This situation exposed Zague’s infidelity to Paola Rojas , which later ended in a divorce. The host of the show “Netas Divinas” was also a special guest on the Unicable program “Faisy Nights” with Faisy and Michelle Rodríguez, where she sent a clear hint to her ex-husband and father of her children.

Regarding how she maintains that peace and that strength that she shows on television in the face of what she experienced in that bitter moment of her life, Paola Rojas said that everything is a process, “yes I have made an effort to be well, to build myself, to have autonomy in every way, in striving to be better, in loving myself a lot “.

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The journalist and mother mentioned working on “my faults and fears”, but above all, she has spoken with many people who have gone through episodes of strong pain, “how the hell am I not going to get ahead of something that yes, it was very uncomfortable , but life is not over, boy, this life is so beautiful and offers so many opportunities every day. ”

During this talk, Paola Rojas was asked if at any time in her life she has purified people and if she has, there were any that have hurt her a lot to purify, to which she responded as a clear and forceful hint to Zague :

No, all the ones I’ve debugged … oh, I do really well when I dump the trash.

After applause from the audience for her response, Paola Rojas added: “I am more selective with the people I want to surround myself with and yet I do not regret anything because whoever went through your life taught you, was it for something not? Complaining about the past seems like a very silly way to use your energy. ”


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